I love you, be happy

This is Jayde!
Jayde got baptized last Tuesday! And her confirmation was yesterday. We love her a LOT. She is so special! We are also doing the new member lessons with Austraia, and she wants to come out and teach with us. Austraia has such a strong testimony. We were at her house the other day and she started telling us about different ways she's noticed the Spirit more in her life since she got the Gift of the Holy Ghost. She follows all those little promptings she gets, and she's still learning and growing all the time. She's so cool.

This past week has been a big giant "let's ask the missionaries all these questions they haven't been asked on their missions before" party. But it's okay though! It just showed me how powerful the Holy Ghost is in this work. We were able to resolve the concerns they had, and help them find answers to their questions. I think my biggest fear about being a missionary was that I'd get asked questions that were too hard to answer and I'd look like an idiot because I wouldn't have an answer. But now that it's actually happened...a lot....and we we're given the words to say, I'm not afraid of anything!

Things are looking great for the SoJo River stake! We started teaching a man from Tennessee, and we're going to start teaching a teenage boy tonight. We're also hoping to start teaching some twin girls that live up the street from us.

Yesterday we helped teach the lesson in the High Priests in 10th ward. It actually went really well, and we're thinking that things are going to start picking up in that ward now.

I probably mentioned this last week, but Sister Loveland and I are obsessed with mormon messages lately. Those things are soooo good! They're these little videos online and there's one called Origin that we've been showing everyone when we talk about the Restoration of the Gospel. 

Last Monday we hung out with the other Sisters and juiced things..like celery. Celery juice is a lot more potent than I ever thought it would be. 

I was looking through my notebook this morning and this stood out to me, I think it's from General Conference, but it says "trials and hardships are events in life, not life itself". That's truth. Men are that they might have joy. Happiness is a choice. No matter the hard things we face in life, we need to remember that it will only be a moment compared to eternity. We can find happiness in living the way Christ has taught us to. Not just a moment of pleasure, but real, lasting, eternal joy. We can find that right now, and we can have it forever.

Be happy!

Sister Hinkle

Sister Loveland: AAAH!
Me: Did you burn yourself?

Sister Loveland: No...I...threw frozen bread on myself..."

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