Almost February

So, holy cow it's January 20? That went by fast. I'm out of time as for emailing (oops, sorry). But know that I read everybody's email and I WILL reply next Monday. We had a miracle happen this week. An investigator who we've been teaching had most of his family threaten to disown him if he got baptized on Saturday, the day before his baptism, Sister Swain and I were walking down a road and he pulled up alongside us and told us that his wife told him she would file for divorce and not allow him to see his son again if he went through with it. He was so shaken up. That night at our lesson, he told us that earlier that day he decided  that he was going to act in faith, and trust that the Lord would provide for him if he put the God first, and go ahead with the baptism. After making this decision he checked his email and found a message from his mother and step-father telling him that they had changed their minds, and that he had their approval of getting baptized. He broke down crying while he was telling us about it. He was baptized on Saturday morning. We visited him last night and he was happier than we had ever seen him.
Anyways, I appreciate all the hand and toe warmers everyone has sent me! I have enough to last me till I'm 30.

I love you!!

Sister Hinkle


Our Mondays are normal again

I don't really have much to say this week, it's been pretty normal. They switched our P day to Monday again. The temple was great last week! Speaking of temples! We get to bring an investigator to Temple Square this Wednesday!! We're pretty excited.

The same investigator is getting baptized this Saturday!!! Wooooo!!! He has an incredible testimony, he's always searching for answers from the scriptures and he has such great faith!! We're pretty sure he'll be a general authority someday. Just saying. Haha.

There was a HUGE emergency preparedness seminar thing last weekend that tons of people from all over went to at a stake center somewhere down the road. It's cool that you all had a zombie apocalypse 72 hour kit family home evening last week and we had the seminar. Not that we went, we were busy doing missionary things. Utah is so funny, because there are chapels and stake centers on like every corner, and at home some people drive an hour to get to church.

So, the Olympic Oval is right across the road from where I live and they were having speed skating trials recently, which meant there were about 4958734982372 cars going down the road those few days. It was nuts. We would stand on one side of the street for like 10 minutes before it was clear enough to run across. We found out that our mission has had over a dozen accidents this winter. I'm pretty glad we don't have a car in Kearns. I'll have to buy my bike when spring comes, though...which means I'll have to learn to ride a bike in a dress on streets and roads and things.UGH.

Transfers are on the 29th! Sister Swain thinks I'll be staying and she'll be leaving. That'll be crazy. If I end up leaving I'll be sad/excited. I really love this area and the people here are so special to me, but it'll be exciting to serve in another area.

A girl named Shelby lives in one of our wards and she leaves for her mission to Florida next Wednesday. WE ARE SO SAD!! She's like our 3rd companion. She comes to lessons with us and gives us rides and she's so much fun. We're going to spend p day with her today. Her whole family is totally awesome, I'm sure they're sad to see her go, too. But she's going where she's needed. She's going to be an INCREDIBLE missionary!

I guess I did have much to say this week. Haha.

Oh, and I'm sorry about "publicly shaming" Dad last week. I got a big giant email this week. I have the best parents I could ever ask for. :)

I held a cat last night and it didn't even run away at first. I was ecstatic.

I love you! Be happy!

Sister Hinkle


My Life is awesome.

So this past week was AMAZING!! We are teaching some absolutely miracle people that have been prepared by the Lord to hear us. They already have testimonies of the truthfulness of the gospel and it is such an honor to teach these people who have such great faith! One is getting baptized on January 18th and the other will probably be getting baptized the next weekend. One of the people is Spanish speaking and has Spanish speaking kids and so we get to attend the Spanish branch for sacrament meetings! We went last Sunday (during fast and testimony meeting) and decided not to use the headsets and listen to the translator. It's amazing how you can still feel the Spirit when people are bearing their testimonies, no matter what their language is! It was funny because near the end a man was speaking and said something funny and the ENTIRE congregation laughed and Sister Swain and I just looked at each other. Haha.

SPEAKING OF SISTER SWAIN! She just found out that her best friend from home got engaged and she was freaking out because she won't be there for the wedding. This is a picture of her post-freakout stage. 

She just can't handle life right now. Haha

Luckily, we get to go to the Jordan River temple today!!! So maybe she'll feel better then. I'm pretty excited! I love temples! I hope we get one in West Virginia someday.

So I'm fully regretting the lack of piano practicing I did as a kid. I desperately wish I was better at it. BUT, at least I can always start again.

Something super weird that happened this week was that we accidentally walked in on a sushi party on Saturday night. We were contacting some people who haven't come to church in a while because of health problems and when we knocked on the door they invited us in and they were eating sushi! So they were like, "Hey Sisters! Come and eat sushi with us!" And we did. Except mine had no seaweed wrapper (which I found out that I hated last Tuesday) and no fish. It was pretty much rice and vegetables in a soy wrapper. BUT IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.

Anyways, this week has been incredible. I'm so happy and I love teaching others about how much Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love them. I know that Jesus Christ lives, and I know that because of His Atonement we can all be healed, and we can each return to live with Them again.

Have a wonderful week! Also, hey Dad, what's with the lack of emails this month? I MISS YOU.

Sister Hinkle