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So this has been a pretty awesome 2 weeks! There have been 4 baptisms in first ward, two were twin sisters that we ADORE, and the other were 2 brothers who've been taught by probably 20 missionaries the past 8 years. It's amazing to see how the Lord prepares people to receive the message of the Restoration! Sister Loveland got to come back for the baptisms, that was super fun to see her! There were so many people at the McOmies' that we had to move it to the chapel instead of the Relief Society room.

We also had zone conference. It was great! President talked about the story of David and Goliath and related it to how as missionaries we are required to do things that seem pretty scary, but "the power behind [us] is so much greater than any obstacle in front of [us]." That's so true!! There is never any reason to fear, because really if we're doing the Lord's work, if we're doing what He asks of us, then there's no way we can fail! It was one of those light bulb moments.

So I had pictures to send, but I forgot that I needed to bring a cord to attach my camera. Next week! I promise! There have been some ward Halloween parties we've gone to, at one of them our ward mission leader, Bro Funk, dressed up as King Benjamin on his tower and was running some game with tents. While the kids were playing the game he was reading verses from Mosiah to them off of his phone. I almost fell over laughing.

We started teaching a girl named Katie that speaks Korean!! It was a little awkward at first, but (ready for a miracle?) the Lord always provides a way, because it JUST SO HAPPENS that a couple houses down the road lives a sister (who is already called to work with the young women anyways) that got home from a Korean speaking mission recently!! Cool stuff, huh?! Granted, the family she moved in with speaks fluent Korean, BUT IT'S SO PERFECT that we have someone that not only can translate, but taught the same things in the same language, AND SHE'S IN YOUNG WOMEN and can sit with Katie all the way during Church to translate and help her not feel so overwhelmed.

I'm going to chop all of my hair off today. I woke up on Thursday morning and decided long hair is too much of a pain to take care of, and it usually looks nasty at the end of the day anyways.

Sorry for not having a lot to say! Nothing really new except for we're really trying to get over our fear of  talking to people on the street....well, we have no problem talking to them, the hard part is teaching them when we see them on the street. We've decided that we just need to get over ourselves and embrace the awkward, haha. The more we do it, the easier it'll get. It all goes back to that power that's behind us.

Thanks for all of your prayers. They are being heard!

I love you, be happy! Go get fat on Halloween candy!

Sister Hinkle

PS, last week, Oct 23, made it a year since I went into the MTC. WHAAAT??? I've lived in Utah for a year. That is so weird.

PPS, last night we ate dinner with a family, and the dad of the family is an actor in a bunch of Bible/ Book of Mormon videos for the Church...also, James in the temple video...so that was an awkward dinner at first. It's not like you can just ask "Hey, are you like....famous?....Like...church famous?....Like....have I maybe seen your face before....on the computer or like....at the temple or somewhere?" But luckily half way through dinner they just brought it up. RELIEF.

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