I am far too lazy to write a good email

I now understand why people always talk about how their kids never write them when they're on their missions. I just can't  think of anything to say anymore! Forgive me for my recent brevity. 

So we went to the Oquirrh Mountain temple this morning!! That is such a pretty temple! Today is the first time I've gone to the temple on my mission and the weather's been warm and sunny. So that was delightful! I realized that it's been a year this month since I went through the Washington DC temple for the first time. Weeeeird how fast a year has gone by. I'm almost at my year mark for my mission too. UUUUGH I am not ready to go back to real life. Maybe I'll just go to college to become a professional seminary teacher so I can just teach the gospel to people all the time. I think I'd like that. Now they just need to start doing that in WV instead of having early morning seminary in WV. 

OH! Something cool. So this family we've been doing some lessons with recently, we stopped by their house on Saturday night because their son was turning 3 and two wonderful things happened. 1: I met the wife's dad, who SERVED IN BUCKHANNON  AS A MISSIONARY YEARS AND YEARS AGO. WHAT? YES. That happened. He almost died when I told him I was from Buckhannon. He said it was his favorite place on his mission!!! He remembered the Chapmans and the Wieses and the Johns family. He didn't remember any Hinkles, but it was still cool.
2: They had banana creamies. We were definitely meant to stop by that house that night. 

Sister Loveland is getting rid of a bunch of her stuff since her mission ends in a few weeks. Which means I got some sweet new clothes and scrapbooking paper to decorate my planner with. Yesss. 

I gave an impromptu talk in 2nd ward on Sunday. The subject? HOME AND VISITING TEACHING. WHAT DO I KNOW ABOUT THAT? BASICALLY NOTHING. Thank heaven I had Preach My Gospel and 6 copies of the Engisn. It was a really awkward talk and I ended up forgetting my scriptures and  having to walk back to my seat and dig through my purse to get them. I also didn't know where any tissues were, so at the end of the talk I started sniffling every 5 seconds because I was crying (good crying) and so I ended up ending it early because I didn't want to wipe my nose on my sleeve in front of 150+ people. At the end the bishop walked up to me and patted me on the head and told me I was "a darling girl" and laughed. I'm still not sure how to take that. Either he thought I was funny or he felt bad for me. Whatever! At least people know I have a strong testimony of Jesus Christ and the Restoration. And that's all that really matters.

I had other things to write about but I left my list on the kitchen table, also we have like zero time today because we went to the temple this morning and then went to chick-fil-a after that. So I'll have to write a more interesting letter next week. 

Sister Blackett, a sweet sister from my last area that I was really close to, sent me a cute package and in it was this quote:

"In this life we can be drawn to things that squander our time, energy, and light without moving us toward a meaningful end. Still, the way home is  straight and narrow, and it is vital to know the difference between something that helps us return and something that deflects or restrains our progress. Elder Neal A Maxwell said: Someday, when we look back on mortality, we will see that so many of the things that seemed to matter so much at the moment will be seen not to have mattered at all. And the eternal things will be seen to have mattered even more than the most faithful of the Saints imagined." -Brad Neiger

Remember who you are and what you stand for!!!
Choose the right!!
Let the Holy Spirit guide!

All is well!!

So here's a picture of my district sisters Sister Collins and Sister Snyder, I thought it was so funny I had to send it home. Also, here's a picture of us in front of the Oquirrh Mountain temple. It's always windy up there. Man, I am the size of a hobbit.

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