Remember that one time I went on a mission?

So, this is my last email!

Sister Meyers and I were soooOoOoOoOOoOOOOooo close to hitting the standards of excellence this week! We worked and worked and tonight is my last night of proselyting. Crazy!

Monday we played football with our zone, which really meant the Elders played football and we ran around the field pretending we knew what we were doing. We also picked up a new investigator that we've been trying super hard to start teaching and it all finally worked out!! Hurray!!!

Tuesday we taught a million lessons and it was GREAT!

Wednesday was MLC and it was great like always because President Chambers is super inspired and we learned a lot about the Atonement. It's such a blessing to have him as a mission president!

Thursday was my final interview with President and it went super well!

Friday the departing missionaries went to the Salt Lake Temple for a session, what an incredible experience!!!

Saturday we worked our tails off

YESTERDAY OUR INVESTIGATOR TOM TOTALLY BORE HIS TESTIMONY IN SACRAMENT MEETING!!!! We haven't stopped smiling since!!! HE IS SO AWESOME!!!!!! And he was totally fearless about it!!!!! It was the best last Sunday a missionary could ever ask for! Then that night we had dinner with a family whose daughters left the Church a few years ago and they sat and listened to the lesson and the dad walked outside with us and told us that that was the first time in 5 years his daughters had sat in when the missionaries were over. AAAH! What a miracle!

I'm not ready for real life. Ugh.

I love seeing how the gospel really does bless us an individuals and as families. I know this Church is true, I know that Jesus Christ lives and He leads it today. I will always be a missionary. I am different now than when I left. I'm better and I'm stronger, and even though serving a mission was the hardest thing I've done this far in my life, I would do it a hundred times over if I could. It is the best thing I have ever done.

Love you! Be happy!

Come listen to me speak at church this Sunday/my birthday/ mother's day at 10 am at

 179 South Kanawha  Street
 Buckhannon, WV

Sister Hinkle

Sojo for life

This week we had some meetings and stuff. Sister Meyers and I spoke
yesterday in third ward...we live with the bishop of that ward so we
weren't too surprised when he asked us, haha.

Our awesome investigator Tom is getting baptized! We set a date for a
couple weeks out. Sad that I won't be here for it, but I'm so excited
for his family!

No freak snow storms but lots and lots of rain last week.

Saturday we met the Samoan elders at the stake center to get our keys
to the building and it turns out there was a Hindu celebration
happening there that night! So Sister Meyers went that evening to
check it out and see if there was anyone to teach, it was super cool!!
The next day we ate with a family from India and the husband was a
mission president there a few years back and we were able to teach
some of their family friends about the Restoration. It's not every
weekend we get to eat Indian food twice, so we feel pretty lucky.

Also, we ate dinner with one of our former investigators and he made
elk. I ate elk. Weird.

I'm really sad that I have to go home next week, but I'm excited too.
I never thought I'd love Utah so much!

Well, Sister Meyers and I have to go do preparation day things now.
Love you all!

Sister Hinkle


Pictures for daaaaaaays

Another Week in Zion!

My life is so weird. So this has been my week:

Monday we went hiking as a district. We had been walking for maybe 5 minutes when we realized how terribly out of shape we all are (we're the only district in our zone with every companionship in a car). We also realized that some of the elders were afraid of heights...when we were half way up the trail. It was a good experience, though. The Portuguese elders are SO funny! One of them was terrified when we were climbing up this one hill and every time one of us would move he'd yell "be cautious!" and at one point he froze up and couldn't move and he whispered "seestehr, I'm suffering". I almost fell off the hill from laughing so hard. Poor elder.

Tuesday was normal...OH, EXCEPT FOR A MASSIVE WIND STORM THAT HAPPENED. Ugh. I've never seen to many tumble weeds in my LIFE. I didn't even know there were that many tumbleweeds in all of Utah! It was crazy. After the day of getting blown around everywhere, it started snowing! Which was perfect because...

Wednesday we went on exchanges and I had the blessing of going back to the River stake again! Hurray! It was wonderful, except for the fact that our mission got rid of 12 cars recently and one of them was in the River stake. That meant that it was a day of walking around in the snow. Luckily I was with one of my favorite missionaries, Sister Fameitau from NZ and it's impossible to be grumpy around her. Also we visited and taught some of the sweetest people! I love going on exchanges there because it's so neat to see how people have progressed from the time I left until now. We put two people (a husband and wife) on date for baptism May 16 that night! We had an incredible lesson! The bishop and his wife came with us and the Spirit was really strong.

Thursday everything melted, which was great. We also gave a garbage man a "Because He Lives" card. We're just proselyting to everybody out here. We tried to talk to these two men who were cement cutters, but they we're a little grumpy. Oh, also our district leader and his companion needed to borrow the keys to our stake center to use the copier and one of them had set their jamba juice on the roof of our car and it got knocked over so then we had this weird streak of pink down the side of our windshield.

Friday we finished weekly planning and went to fill out progress records and found the stake offices decorated in pink princess party decorations. We're not really sure who did it, or what it was for, but we thought it was hilarious. The people in this stake are so funny. I grabbed a balloon and created an alien out of it. On the back I wrote some extremely clever jokes, because, you know I'm really funny and whitty. <-- Lies. That last sentence was nothing but lies.

Saturday we rediscovered out love of old seminary videos. Also we learned that Taco Bell has pink startburst slushy beverages.

Yesterday we decided to go to 1st ward to see two return missionaries speak! One is our friend Megan that just got home and comes out with us occasionally, the other was and elder that served in Oregon and actually lived next door to Sister Meyers' brother! Crazy! What a small world. They gave their talks and it was over and they were just about to close the meeting with a song and a prayer and then President Christiansen (stake presidency) started whispering something in the bishop's ear. Weird. They talked back and forth for a minute and then President stands up and tells the congregation that he felt a very strong impression TO HAVE SISTER HINKLE STAND UP AND BEAR HER TESTIMONY TO EVERYONE BEFORE THE MEETING CLOSES?! WHAT??! WHATEVER! We were sitting near the front and I almost threw up! I didn't see that coming at all! Do you know how many people there were at that double homecoming?!!? My legs went numb and I almost fell over when I started walking up there and gave probably the shakiest, speediest testimony of my entire mission. But those words were totally inspired because I didn't know what to say, but I opened my mouth and felt what I needed to say. It was so cool. The Church is so true.

Then this morning we discovered we could find mormon.org profiles of people serving in our mission and we spend probably 20 minutes taking screen shots of them and laughing.

Anyways, that's my life! We picked up a new investigator this week and we are STOKED!! He is awesome! He's a 13 year old boy and he has a stroooooong testimony of the gospel! Hoping I get to see another child of God enter into the waters of baptism before I go home.

Love you! Be happy!

Sister Hinkle

Weeky McWeekerson


So it's been a fabulous week! Zone conference Tuesday went super well!
I gave my departing testimony. The only bad part is that I was getting
over a cold and crying at the same time and I coughed this really ugly
cough that was really high pitched in the middle of bearing my
testimony. It was so dumb. But other than that Sister Meyers said it
wasn't so bad. Uuuuuuugh.

What else? Oh. President and Sister Chambers came out with us for a
couple of hours Thursday night, it was terrifying and wonderful all at
the same time! Just kidding. They are some of the most loving people
I've ever met and it was a huge blessing to have them be part of the
lessons we were teaching that night.

Everyone around here seems to be getting baby chickens.

Our stake had stake conference this weekend. There are 88 missionaries
serving from this stake. Crazy! I wonder how many are out from ours.

Well, I think our district is going hiking today so I'm going to run
and get ready.

Love you bunches! Pray for missionary opportunities and then
courageously take them! Be like Paul! And Ammon! And all those other
awesome missionaries! When you love people, sharing the gospel with
them is a lot less scary.

Sister Hinkle