Cat Whisperer

So it got real cold this past weekend. Which is actually really great for me because I'm done with melting. 
It was super rainy the other day and this little cat across the street was looking for a place to run to, so I jokingly meowed at it and it responded. So there was this 2 minute period of me and this cat meowing and then he ran over to me and let me pick him up and carry him while walking around. It was so weird. We've decided that I'm the cat whisperer now. 
I probably won't be going to General Conference this weekend because none of our investigators can come! Sad. Mostly sad because they won't get that experience, because I can always go later on. Our investigator Cris was super excited to come with us but just realized she can't. Oh, well! We can watch it online. Technology is such a blessing!!!
Everybody should go watch the movie Meet the Mormons! It's not a proselytizing movie, it's just to inform people about who we really are (not a cult) and that we believe in Christ. Hopefully lots of people will attend the opening weekend!! All the money that comes from the tickets will go to charity too, I think that's pretty awesome.
Welp, nothing new in Salk Lake City. Hopefully it'll stay cool.
I love you! Be happy!
"The Church is true, the Book is blue, and Moroni is still on the ball!"  <-
 cheesy but funny

Sister Hinkle

sorry my face always looks uncomfortable, I feel so awkward taking pictures around people. Especially 23984710298341029353489120571239481.7 people

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