Big fat giant news!

Okay, well first thing's first. This past week was transfers and something very unexpected happened.

Sister Loveland was transferred to Riverton South stake (her sister lives in the Riverton North stake, so we were super surprised) for her last 6 weeks. I figured I was going to get a newer missionary as a companion here. WRONG. They changed our stake to a Sister Training Leader area, and they brought one of my friends, Sister Santos, in an we're companions! We're the SoJo sister training leaders. So that's exciting!!! Also, I HAVE A CAR!!!!!!! I screamed so loud when I heard I was getting a car. I've been driving EVERYWHERE! We've been so productive!!! It was a little weird driving for the first time after 11 months...in Utah...on giant roads. But luckily my superior driving skills have remained. As for parking... I'm still working on that.

Oh, also, I found out that Red Robin actually exists this week. Because, you know, they have the commercials on TV, but I'd never seen one in real life so I just figured it was some kind of weird conspiracy. But! They're real.

Sister Santos and I are having a great time together! It's her last 6 weeks, so I'm going to be in the SoJo River Stake for probably another transfer after this one. No complaints here, though! I'm excited to take over the area....especially to take over the area WITH A CAR. I AM SO HAPPY.

So last week I got a card from the youth in the Buckhannon ward. That made me so happy!! I keep in on my desk, so I see it when I study. I got other cards too. Nothing better than getting mail!

There are 2 baptisms this Saturday and 2 next Saturday. I can't express the joy that comes from doing missionary work. On our call letters it mentions that we'll experience joy beyond that which we have ever experienced before, and I can testify that that is true. As we extend our arms out to those around us and invite them to do things that will bring them closer to the Savior Jesus Christ, there is a fire that burns inside of us that only comes from the Spirit. I know that missionary work isn't just important for 18 months or 2 years. It's important for our entire lives. Look for those people who are placed in your path each day for you to bring closer to Jesus Christ, because they ARE there, and you WILL be given the words to say to them if you just open your mouth. The Lord promises that to us.

Yesterday we gave talks in the 8th ward, and sang in the RCCC (which is a branch in an assisted living facility). They went great. Sister Santos and I are working hard and we are super unified when we teach, which is SUCH a dream!! You always worry that you're not going to teach well when you get a new companion.

BLESSED. We are blessed. This stake is blessed. Blessings for everybody.

That's all I've got! Other than now I actually have to take my own pictures because I don't have a companion that takes 2384125172350892936129346 pictures a week. So I'll try and make an effort there.

More adventures next week

Love you bunches!

Sister Hinkle

This is Tecia! The cutest girl in all of South Jordan! I'm 100% sure she is going on a mission one day. She doesn't know that yet but she will. 

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