SoJo: Book 2

So transfers were last Wednesday. Our zone got split, and a lot of things got switched around. Sister Loveland and I are still going strong in the River stake though! Wahoo!

Other than that nothing too eventful. We got Sister Snyder and Sister Collins in our district, we are THRILLED about that. We have so much fun together!

I forgot to mention that I made a chicken skirt with Sister Curtis and the other Sisters a couple of Mondays ago. I am now an experienced sewing machine user. I'll send pictures of the skirt...eventually.

We had dinner the other night with a family that had the Lord of the Rings movie posters framed in their living room. That was exciting.

Jayde is getting baptized tomorrow. She is so special to me! I love her a lot, I know I was meant to be her missionary. Yesterday we had a really great lesson with her and Sister Loveland and I just feel so close to her!

Yesterday evening a little girl at dinner asked me what my favorite part of being a missionary was and after I thought about it for a while I told her that my favorite part of being a missionary is teaching people how much Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ really love them, and how important we are to Them.

 I know that They care more about us individually than any planet or galaxy or any other creation. Got really is our Father, He really does love us. Jesus is our Brother, He loves us too. There is no greater joy than knowing and understanding that They know us and want what is best for us!!!

Okay, I'm too lazy to write anything else. I know I'm forgetting something. I'm sorry! I'll make up for it with pictures, though.

Love you!

Sister Hinkle

So these are statues that our neighbors have in front of their house. Every couple weeks we find a new one out there. It looks like something we'd have out front at home, haha

our last district: Elders Jensen, Fehoko, Alder, Jenkins, McConnell, and then Sister McConnell and us

That green thing is a MASSIVE grasshopper we found outside of our door the other day and we kept throwing things at it to make it jump away so it didn't jump on us. Unfortunately, we kept missing.

extreme jenga also means extreme disappointment 

Sneak attack