At least we don't have Malaria!!!!

WELL, Sister Swain and I were QUITE under the weather this week. So whenever we weren't out working we were at home sleeping. Being sick on a mission is so dumb! All you want to do is work but can't because you feel like death. Also, I lost my voice Friday and Saturday, so you can imagine how hilarious giving lessons was. I was whispering at people across the room and Sister Swain would have to repeat a lot of what I'd say, haha. Apparently there's a malaria outbreak in Nate's mission right now, so all week Sister Swain and I keep saying "at least we don't have malaria!" Because, for real, malaria would be 385209320875 times worse. Just saying.

We found out that there's a third companion being put into our area! We'll find out who stays and who goes tomorrow and on Wednesday is transfers. We're thinking we'll both stay and we'll just get the third companion on Wednesday. BUT, anything can happen, so we'll see.

There's an older couple that we've visited a couple of times and on Saturday we were talking about how the wife collects rocks and she was showing us some of her jewelry and she gave us both a pearl ring! We were like we can't take your pearls! Are you kidding!? We don't deserve those! But she said she wanted to give them to someone who would appreciate them and that she only had sons so they'd just sell them. We were almost in tears! She is so sweet, we still can't believe it.

Well, I've been hearing about the horrible cold back in WV! I'm so sorry that's happening! It hasn't been even close to that cold here! But we do appreciate our entire shelf of Christmas-present hand/toe warmers courtesy of everyone who gave us a Christmas present. Man, we love those things! Katie even wrote on each of the ones she sent! Dedication.

The man who got baptized last week is always BEAMING when we see him! He interviewed for a job at the grocery store down the street and they asked him if we was a happy person, and he said "Of course I'm happy! I'm a Mormon!" Like seriously, he never showed emotion before last weekend and now he's always smiling ear to ear all the time! It's amazing to see what the gospel does in people's lives!!! He's baptizing his 8 year old daughter in a couple of weeks and we're so excited for him!!!
Oh, also, look at all of these cute puppies I get to see sometimes.

The only thing that would be better would be kittens. Man, I love cats.
Our  honorary "third companion" Shelby went to the Mexico MTC last Wednesday!! We miss her dearly. This is the only picture I have of her. It's while we were driving up to Temple Square, eating cookies and drinking milk out of the jug, rocking out to Church music in her hilarious mini van. You know how it is.

Anyways, I'm done for now.

I love Heavenly Father and I love Jesus Christ! I love everyone at home and I love these people here in Kearns. I know that every person is invited to partake of Salvation. Jesus Christ Atoned for ALL of us. We all have Their promise that we can live with Them again!
Sister Hinkle

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  1. Hey, Libby! Miss you, and am always thinking about you. Im working down at the State Senate in Charleston this winter as an attorney for the Republican members. I cant remember if I had told you about this. I love catching up on your blog and promise to write more often.

    Love you,