So there's this dumb thing a lot of missionaries like to do where we combine the names of companions together to create one big super name because..you know...we need something to do while we're walking around the streets. So my last companion and I were known as Swinkle to some of the families here. Last Wednesday was transfers! And guess the heck what!? I got two new companions, Sister Loveland (who's been out for 9 months and just came from South Jordan) and Sister Ricks (who just got out of the MTC Wednesday, and we were friends up at BYU-I!! Like she lived in the apartment above me and we walked to class together sometimes and stuff!) and we are having a BLAST. One family that I'm close to has given us the combo of Loverinkle. I don't think it'll last, we have to find a better name for our tri-panionship.

Sister Loveland and I are both training Sister Ricks, it is so exciting to be a trainer and to take over our area!! On Monday night I got a call telling me that I'd be training and I felt so happy because this responsibility makes me feel that the Lord really trusts me. Then I found out we were training Sister Ricks and I was ECSTATIC!! They are both incredible missionaries and I love teaching with them!

This is like the only picture I have of them. Sister Ricks was a little dead. OH! And that's our new bunk bed in the background. Exciting, isn't it?

You know you're a good missionary when you're this tired at the end of the day.

The work is on FIRE since we got these two new sisters here! I can't believe how much we've accomplished in just half a week. Doors are opening up where before they were closed tight. Figuratively and literally. Haha. We have two people two are planning to enter the waters of baptism this month and next month and 
I'm sure there are many more people that the Lord is preparing for us to teach.

In other news, the Super Bowl was last night. So for dinner we went to a family (one of my favorite families here, actually) that's super nerdy and we had a Super-Bowl-food-minus-the-actual-Super-Bowl party. We pretty much ate nachos and candy and talked about how much we don't like football. It was awesome.
Well, that's all I got. I'm going to go to Walmart and buy some milk or something.

I love you!!

Sister Hinkle

Oh, ps, here's a picture of the Salt Lake Temple from when we went to Temple Square a few weeks ago that I keep forgetting to send. It might be crooked, so flip it if you can, haha 

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