My Life is hilarious.

So this week was crazy. Monday was pretty normal, I wore the cat shirt mom sent me.


Tuesday was pretty regular, we ate Subway for lunch and stuff.


After visiting some people who own bearded dragons

we went to Temple Square for a lesson with our totally awesome investigator, who's getting baptized this Saturday!

After Temple Square, we took Trax home. If you don't know what Trax is, it's public transit. Public transit and I have never tangoed before in this great dance-off of life. So as you can imagine, my non-Utah-native companions and I got QUITE lost. Like almost in Draper lost. That's the last time we take advice from a kindly old lady on which train to take! Just kidding, it was only like 20 minutes away from Kearns, and a wonderful woman named Sister Taylor came and picked us up. She's always helping us out. We love her and we are so grateful for everything she does for us.

Then we came home two hours later than planned and ate dinner at the Taylor's house. Now they always ask me if I have my map when I see them.

I don't even remember Thursday.

And Friday was Valentines day!!! And this sweet lady named CarrieSue and her daughters brought us balloons and flowers and stuff!!!! It was the best surprise ever!

Oh, also, our landlord gave us pink pepper spray! Yahoo!

Saturday our stake president had all 9 missionaries in our stake get up on the stand together and he asked us questions about making ward council effective and good expereinces we've had with our ward mission leaders and other things. Kearns Central is the only stake in our mission that has so many missionaries. Everyone is all excited about missionary work and genealogy in our stake now. Stake conference was REALLY good. Even if I did have to speak. Oh, and do you remember that wonderful Taylor family from earlier? They went and got us milkshakes and brought them to us that night. Needless to say, I had a chocolate milkshake for breakfast Sunday morning.

Overall, it was a pretty fun week. We've met a lot of new people and hopefully this week will be even more productive! I'm so grateful for the prayers that you all say for me, and I am so thankful to Heavenly Father for the help He gives to us every day.

I love you! Be happy!

Sister Hinkle

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  1. I love your cat lovin' face! Coolest shirt!