I don't sell religion. Also I'm not a polygamist.

This is what Sister Loveland and I did last Monday. Sticker trading party! Wooooo.

Everything is pretty much the same, the work is exploding here in Kearns and it's wicked awesome! I am loving being is a trio. I love the members. I also love taking naps during our lunch hour.

Oh, so you're probably wondering about the title of this week's email. Well, long story short, there was a man across the street when we were leaving our house the other day. We walked over to introduce ourselves and asked a few questions, ya know, do what missionaries do. Then as we were saying goodbye he says "have a good sales day! hope you make a lot of sales!" and I was all "Oh, nope! We don't sell anything" trying to clear that assumption right up. Then he looked me and said "Well, yeah sort of. You sell religion." I didn't even know what to say. Luckily Sister Ricks went "we're in the happiness business!" so that was some good comic relief.

Those words have been haunting me ever since. Is that what people really think I'm here to do? Is that really what people think the Church is about?
I'm not spending an entire year and a half of my life in the middle of Utah to try and convince people that my Church is right and their beliefs are wrong or to get their money or anything like that.

I'm here to share the truth of what I know with these people because I know it will bless their life. I'm here to teach people about Jesus Christ's church, that has been restored. I'm here to teach them about how they can be with their family forever and how God has given us prophets in these days just like He did in days of old, so we can have direction, so we can know our purpose, so we can lead our families in righteousness. I'm here to teach them about the priesthood authority and how it's been restored, and that's how we know that this is the true Church, because we have that same authority that Jesus Christ had, and that He gave to His apostles. I'm here to teach people about the Book of Mormon, and how it's blessed my life, along with the Bible. I'm here to teach them about Lehi, and Alma, and Moroni, and all the prophets and missionaries that really did live in the ancient Americas who wrote the Book of Mormon.

I wish people didn't think I was here to sell them my religion. I'm not here to convince, nothing like that. I'm here to invite them to come unto Christ. I'm here to preach His gospel.

 I'm not mad. I'm just sad, because I love these people so much. I want them to feel this happiness that I have. I want them to know what I'm here for, and I want them to know what I'm not here for.

Aside from that, my week was pretty excellent. Last night I went to someone's house and they had a giant bag of hot tamales and a bag of rolos. Best. Day. Ever.

Well, I love you. I miss West Virginia. Things are starting to melt here, I'm sure Utah is a whole ton prettier when it's not covered in snow.

Be happy!

Sister Hinkle

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