Almost February

So, holy cow it's January 20? That went by fast. I'm out of time as for emailing (oops, sorry). But know that I read everybody's email and I WILL reply next Monday. We had a miracle happen this week. An investigator who we've been teaching had most of his family threaten to disown him if he got baptized on Saturday, the day before his baptism, Sister Swain and I were walking down a road and he pulled up alongside us and told us that his wife told him she would file for divorce and not allow him to see his son again if he went through with it. He was so shaken up. That night at our lesson, he told us that earlier that day he decided  that he was going to act in faith, and trust that the Lord would provide for him if he put the God first, and go ahead with the baptism. After making this decision he checked his email and found a message from his mother and step-father telling him that they had changed their minds, and that he had their approval of getting baptized. He broke down crying while he was telling us about it. He was baptized on Saturday morning. We visited him last night and he was happier than we had ever seen him.
Anyways, I appreciate all the hand and toe warmers everyone has sent me! I have enough to last me till I'm 30.

I love you!!

Sister Hinkle

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