Transfers week…again!

So I actually wrote down interesting things so I could remember what to email about this week.

The first thing is this: If you have the missionaries over for dinner, don't serve corn on the cob. We keep eating corn on the cob at dinner appointments, and not that I don't like it or anything, but it gets everywhere and I get it stuck in my teeth so I can't smile or talk without feeling awkward. It's just further proof that corn is evil.

Next: Sister Loveland said she's going to name her first daughter Libby, and I told her I was going to write home about it to make it official. Now she can't back out. Haha, Sister Loveland, haha. Oh, speaking of that! I've met TWO people named Libby in this stake, and they aren't old ladies!! Or dogs!! So that was cool.

The other night we were meeting some different families in a gated community we're over and we went to the house of a family who weren't members. The man answered and we talked to him for a while and I thought to myself "He's got a weird accent," because it sounded familiar but I could NOT place it, but I figured it was somewhere back east. So I asked if he'd always lived in Utah and he goes "Oh,no, I'm from West Virginia".  HE'S FROM CLARKSBURG, WEST VIRGINIA! WHAT?  Sister Loveland and I both went crazy because that has NEVER HAPPENED MY ENTIRE MISSION. Sometimes people don't even realize that WV and regular VA are different places. Or they drove through at some point going to North Carolina or something. So anyways, I told him I was from Buckhannon and he knows lots of people from there and he said that he knows some Hinkles and so anyways, that was awesome. We probably stood on his porch for a good 10 minutes. He said we could come back in a couple of weeks when his wife's back was healed because she just had surgery. Wahoo!!!! Sister Loveland and I figured I'd be getting transferred this week, but after meeting him, we think I'm going to stay. YEAH! We are always led to those we are meant to find!

On Wednesday our mission is getting 30 new sister missionaries from the MTC, so I have a good feeling that either Sister Loveland or I will be getting a brand new companion in a couple of days. We find out tonight! Because Mondays are days the call people and let them know if they're training or not.

OH! Hey! I just remembered. We took a family we're teaching up to Temple Square the other day and as we were leaving, guess who was walking in?! Sister Hansen and some of her kids and another girl from the Clarksburg stake, WHAAAT? They walked into the South Visitor's Center and we ran in after them and got to talk for a while. That was so weird!! They're the first people I've bumped into my entire mission! The timing was so crazy! Had I been 20 seconds later I'd never have seen them.

The lesson at temple square with that family was great though!!! We prayed that we would have the right Sisters sent to the lesson to help us teach, and we did! They are so excited to follow the Savior!

On Saturday Austraia got baptized! It was amazing, there were a TON of people there from the 7th ward and from the YSA ward to support her. She started crying when she came out of the water. It was so special for her. She knows how important that decision is. Then yesterday she got confirmed and recieved the Gift of the Holy Ghost and later she told us that she'd never felt that kind of happiness before. She was also asked to share her conversion story with the Relief Society and she stood right up and bore a beautiful testimony of prayer and how God really does answer us. She knows that Jesus Christ is real and that we can be cleansed by His Atonement. She was totally unafraid to stand up and talk. She is so so so special, and I am so excited to teach her the new member lessons!

Jayde is getting baptized this week!!! She is ALSO so so so special!! We love her a LOT.

We had a really great zone meeting last Thursday and we talked about how unified our zone is and how because we have the Spirit in our zone, we've been having all kinds of success and finding the ones who we were meant to find and help. God loves each of His children, and He will guide us to those who we can help if we listen to the promptings of the Spirit. Whether or not we're full time missionaries, we can receive that help.

Last thing I want to mention is the RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF SNAILS THAT ARE HERE. They're everywhere, and the other evening we found a ton of little teeny baby snails!! They were so cute! Some were smaller than my finger nails.

So anyways

I love you! Be happy!

Sister Hinkle

baby snails!!!!!!! They turned out a little blurry though :(

This is a dog we met named Darla

 Riverton YSA Elders (Sturgell and Henderson) that taught Austraia, Austraia and us in front of a picture of Jesus

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