Miracles, banana popsicles, and Texas Roadhouse

Every week goes by way faster than the last. We've been having a lot of meetings recently. Last week we had Elder Clark of the 70 come and speak to us. I was terrified to shake his hand because I figured he would peer into my soul and send me home or something, haha. But he was really nice and it was a great meeting! It was from 8-4 and we learned all kinds of things about better relying on the Lord, reaching goals, and strengthening the trust between auxiliaries and missionaries. I think the greatest thing that I learned from  the meeting was how we really need to learn on the Lord for support. Our best isn't really our best. We need to be exerting every effort and taking every opportunity to really fulfill our purpose. Every single soul is precious to Him and to our Heavenly Father and we need to remember that every time we look at someone. He will not let us fail. Something President Chambers said at the meeting was "we love the unlovable, teach the unteachable, and change the unchangeable" we can do that as we do missionary work. Fear and faith can not coexist, we must be fearless as we do the things the Lord asks us to do.

That being said, today when we got to the church building to do our emails, we got to the door to find a homeless guy! He was sleeping, but he understandably woke up with 4 sister missionaries walking towards him. We introduced ourselves and got to know him and it turns out he was on a flight from California to somewhere and got stuck in Salt Lake City and he needed to get to the jail to get his clothes or something. ANYWAYS, it was so cool! Because we ended up talking to him about how loved he is by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. We told him about how studying the scriptures and living the Word of Wisdom can bless his life and we gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and some pamphlets about the Restoration and the Word of Wisdom and we said a prayer with him. He was really touched! We were meant to find him.

So a boy named Kaden that Sister Snyder and I were working with back in WJ got baptized last Saturday! We were in shock because we put him on date probably 4 times and nothing worked out. We were able to attend his service and it was amazing! His whole family was there and they were all SO HAPPY!!! Sister Snyder and I got to help Sister Osa and Sister Stewart teach the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ while he and his grandpa were getting changed. I love going back and seeing the people from my last area.

We also got a call Saturday night from the YSA Elders, it turns out one of their investigators wants to go to the family ward instead of the young single adult ward, so we get to teach her now and we're in charge of her baptism this Saturday! We sat with her in Church yesterday. She is so happy and excited about joining the Church.

Another girl named Jayde that we're teaching is going through a really round situation right now. Her little sister has Leukemia, and her whole family is really hurting. She came to Church yesterday and you could just see how the Spirit was touching her heart. She had tears streaming down her face at different times in the meeting when Jesus Christ was being talked about. She knows that He is real, and she knows she can turn to Him and to us and others around her while she's hurting. I really love her a lot.

We spoke in first ward yesterday, the whole stake presidency showed up for that sacrament meeting and before we got up the stake president got up and told the whole ward how much he trusts us and knows we were meant to be in this stake. He really loves us and I was flabbergasted by how much the stake presidency wants us involved in leadership meetings, and how much faith they have in us. But everyone paid attention during the talk (which was on missionary work, so I was happy because usually when people hear we're speaking on missionary work they immediately stop listening).

Speaking of our stake president! He's over all the cars in the Church! He works in the Church office building. We had a doctor appointment downtown the other day and his wife took us. After the appointment she said "Hey! He get's off work in a couple of minutes and wants to see you two!" So we just walk through the parking garage over to the church office building like ain't no thang and walk in and just stand there and he comes out and he goes, "Hey! I'm going to show you the Apostles' cars!" and so we leave and walk over across the parking garage to the Church administrative building or whichever building it is and he's all "And that's the car Elder Holland drives, and there's President Eyring's car, and that's usually where President Monson's car is" and Sister Loveland and I are just standing there like, how did this even happen? And then President Eyring walks out and gets into his car and drives off and we're just standing there looking at each other like did that really just happen? My life is so weird.

In other news we went to a barbecue at the RCCC (elderly home) on Saturday, where I was introduced to something called Creamies. It's a type of popsicle. They have a banana flavor, and trying it was one of the best decisions of my LIFE. I ended up eating 4 of those things. I regret nothing.

A family brought us to eat dinner at the Texas Roadhouse last week, too. It was a little too loud and crowded for me. But the family we ate with is one of favorites, so that made up for it. Later that night they were walking down their street with us and their neighbor saw us and he yells "Yeah! That's right, we're walking with the missionaries. We're pretty much the most righteous people on this road!" I think that might be my favorite line of his.

Anyways, that's my week! Miracles are everywhere! There is nowhere I'd rather be and nothing I'd rather be doing that here in the SLC South mission, being a missionary, doing the Lord's work.

Have a happy week!!!


Sister Hinkle

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