SoJo: The land of giants.

So transfers snuck up on me and guess the heck what? I got transferred to the South Jordan River stake. I cried a LOT. I genuinely did not believe I was going to get moved and I would stay in WJ for at least another six weeks. It was really hard saying goodbye to everybody. Especially my investigators and my landlords. It was like I was moving away from home again when I had to leave on Wednesday morning, I got really close to a lot of people there. Before I left my neighbors even came over to say goodbye! I'll send pictures next week.

BUT! To make up for how sad it was to leave, I got a giant super mega surprise by being put back with Sister Loveland again!!! Whaaat? Yaaaaay!!! We've already started having all kinds of super weird adventures and it is a giant blast. Tonight we're going to start teaching a new family and we have a lot of faith for this stake. We know that a lot of miracles are going to happen here.

Funny things that have happened so far:

A man told us that he wasn't "part of the cult so leave me alone" and I thought he was joking so I started laughing. He wasn't actually joking. That was awkward.

We were sitting on a wall trying to figure out which house to stop at next and a little chubby shirtless boy wearing a towel as a cape drove by on a little motorcycle.

Last night at dinner a different little chubby boy started running through the sprinklers in his underwear.

There's a man that dresses like a sea captain that lives in our stake and we've started seeing him everywhere.

A kid sneezed all over me yesterday in class and then grabbed my hand and pretended like he was going to kiss it and then put it on his forehead.

A couple from my last area brought us 4 bags of salt and vinegar chips and a case of Gatorade last night (which is actually more cool than it is funny).

We walked past one house and glanced in the back yard and there was a guy sitting in a giant red bucket.

We taught Elders Quorum yesterday.

There are other weird things that I can't think of right now, but those are the ones that are sticking out to me the most.

Yesterday we went to church in the 7th ward (which is the obnoxious mansion ward) and guess who goes there? Elder Arnold. Like of the the seventy. Also, Sister Amy Prenatt (who I know from institute in Morgantown) is in SoJo too! She's in my zone and this is her first transfer. Yeah! WV pride!

Almost everyone here is at least 2 feet taller than me, I have no idea what's up with that. We're over 10 wards and 2 branches. No car, and Sister Loveland doesn't like riding bikes, so I guess I don't have to worry about getting impaled or maimed this transfer! Hurray!

Next week (hopefully) I'll send you the pictures from my last couple of transfers. I do have a couple pictures of Sister Loveland and me doing service though.

I love you! Be happy! Keep us in your prayers. We're working hard :)

Sister Hinkle

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