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HEEEEY everybody!

So this past week we found lots of people to teach!! My favorite person to teach right now is a less active 17 y/o girl who's currently living in a foster home. She's awesome!!! She's meant to do great things. We know she's going to go on a mission, even if she can't see it in herself. She doesn't realize how powerful her testimony is and how special she is. We were meant to find her, the Lord has a lot in store for her. Every time we have a lesson the Spirit is SO strong, we can see her growing and learning more and more and becoming more enlightened every time we see her. And more than that, she's happier every time we see her. She's started reading the scriptures every day and she's started praying again. I can't believe the change the gospel makes in everyone's life who gives it a try. The Lord blesses us for our efforts.

Sister Osa told me that a boy I was teaching back in WJ is getting baptized this weekend!!! Hurray! I've been teaching him since back when Sis Snyder and I were together. We're super excited for him. We've gone to the RCCC (an assisted living facility in our area) a lot lately. It's so much fun visiting with the residents. Old people are my favorite kind of people.

Yesterday Sister Loveland and I were asked to attend a stake priesthood leadership meeting and got to sit on the stand and all that. Our stake presidency is super missionary minded and they like to include us in a lot of things. It was weird being the only sisters in the whole meeting, haha. We've also been asked to speak in first ward this Sunday. WOOOOO!

I've been reading a lot in Ensigns lately. Those magazines are way cooler than I every gave them credit for. I've also been getting a lot more from the scriptures lately. The scriptures are such an amazing tool that God has given us to learn from. In almost every blessing that I've gotten on my mission it's mentioned the importance of the scriptures and how they can help me and how I can find answers to my questions there, and especially in the past few weeks I've seen that happen over and over and over again.

Family history keeps coming up everywhere around here. We've been teaching a lot about temples and family history and people have been talking about it in meetings and at dinner appointments and things. Soooo, do your family history work! People are waiting for you to find their names and have saving ordinances performed for them!

I've also been studying out of the gospel principles manual recently. I am learning a TON. I can't believe there are all of these books I've had around my whole life and I never bothered to look at any of them. THERE IS SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE I MISSED OUT ON.

Miracles are happening everywhere!!! We are continually being led by the Spirit.

We have a mission tour this week, which means a general authority is coming to speak to us or something on Thursday. Or Wednesday. I should probably look at my planner. But anyways, we're excited about it!

Something fun the elders in my zone started doing was passing Books of Mormon to each other if our cars are in reaching distance when we're all driving to a meeting at the mission office and we're stuck in traffic. We almost died laughing the first time we saw them do it. It's probably one of those things that are more funny when you see it in real life than when you're reading about it.

Okay, well that's all I can think of.

I love you! Be happy!

Sister Hinkle

-I can't remember something funny Sister Loveland said, but I know at some point she said something laugh-at-worthy

Yay puppies! 

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