Everyday is party day

Sister Loveland and I are continuing to have a big huge giant blast every day of our lives (more or less). Everyone asks me about coal mines here, and I have to pretend like I know about coal and stuff. My new area is super awesome for a few different reasons:

reason 1- It's super close to my last area in West Jordan, like I could literally spit into my last area from here...okay well maybe not that close, but 2 miles max.

reason 2- I'm in the same zone as Sister Snyder, and we see each other all the time

reason 3- I can see the Jordan River temple from here

reason 4- There's a road called cemetery road that we walk down all the time with trees and cows and hills, and it reminds me of West Virginia

reason 5- This stake is super missionary minded

reason 6- we have a tread mill in our apartment

reason 7- I got to put a puzzle together with an old lady the other day!

reason 8- there's a group of chickens that walk around 4th ward and there's a duck named Dave that follows them around everywhere

There are more reasons but I am too lazy to think of them.

There are tons of firework scraps in the streets from the 24th.

Sister Snyder's and I have got to go back to the MV stake twice the past week, Saturday we got to go back for Lacie and Tera's baptism, this morning we got to go back for Justin's baptism, and next Saturday I get to go back for Lexi's baptism!!! Wahoo!

Today was fun, we got to see a lot of people we love back in West Jordan. We both had to give talks, though. But we did alright.

We're hoping to pick up 6 new investigators this week!!! We also have 10 lessons set up this week, but hopefully that number will get higher! There are tons of people here who the Lord has prepared to listen to our message. Sister Loveland and I are seeing miracles everywhere. Keep us in your prayers please!!!

I'll actually send pictures this week.


Sister Hinkle

Sister Loveland: "Man, we're gonna get lost over in 7th ward today with all the mansions everywhere."

Me: "Don't worry, I'm sure a kindly butler will find us and take us in."

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