Lemons and Snails

So firstly I completely forgot to tell you about the awesome Sister McKee from Kearns who we had lunch with the Pday before my birthday. She totally made me a cake that said "H B S H" on top and she bought me my favorite kind of cheese and some cat-themed birthday presents. It was pretty fun! Yesterday our neighbors (The Bastidas family) invited us over and had a cake and got us a cool puzzle for our birthdays! Forever long birthday party. Woohoo!

This week was cuh-razy. First off, it's been super sunny and I have a magnificent foot tan that I'll have to send pictures of eventually. To kill the time we spend walking around everywhere, I've started rewriting the song "I wanna dance with somebody" into "I wanna shake hands with somebody" it's about finding and teaching golden investigators. We've also been finding snails everywhere (usually dead ones).

Sometimes we come home to find the Spanish speaking Elders using our landlord's BBQ, it's the funniest thing ever. The other day they were eating elk hamburgers, I have no idea where they even find this stuff.

There's an awesome lady who lives on our street named Sister Clark. She loves Disney land and she shelter's animals, the other day we got to hold a tarantula (in a container) there, which was exciting.

The other day we were coming home on Trax from downtown and at one of the stops the driver jumped out of the train for a few minutes and then jumped back on. We were like.... well that was weird, but then he got on the microphone and said "sorry for the delay everyone, there was a family of ducks on the tracks and they couldn't get off" and my companion and I were like why isn't everyone clapping and cheering for this man?! HERO. He's a hero.

We got to go to a mystery dinner in 2nd ward the other night. They had like a ton of tables and there was a plate of lemons at each one. There were tons of lemons left over, and guess who got them? Yep! These Sisters right here! We have a gigantic bag of lemon slices in our fridge. Lemonade for days.

Yesterday we got to help with sharing time in primary in the 7th branch. Primary is super fun, we taught the kids about service and how they can grow their branch into a ward as they plant little tiny seeds of service everywhere. It was a cute idea the Primary President had.

We've been working hard! We finally have a few different people to teach, unfortunately none are progressing, but that's okay! We're going to continue helping them and teaching them. I love these people so much. I'll be really sad if they transfer me out of the area. I feel like I still have so much work to do here.

Hoping to pick up who new families tonight! Keep us and the people we're teaching in your prayers!!! Never forget how much I love you!

Sister Hinkle


Sister Snyder and I holding a big scary tarantula. Why do I put my thumbs up in every picture? 

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