Transfers Again!

Every six weeks goes by just a little bit faster. It's like someone has put my life on fast forward. Weeeeirddd. Transfers are this Wednesday and I really feel like I'm not going to be staying in the Mountain View Stake. Lame! I love this stake a lot. The people here are super helpful and we are up to 15 lessons a week! That's a pretty big jump from 4 lessons a week like last transfer.

The Portuguese Elders have returned Sister Snyder's bike. You know what thaaaat meeeaaans. I'm back on my sweet set of wheels. Unfortunately the day she got her bike back, I went to jump on mine and found it wrapped up in VHS tape. FIENDS. I actually have a (nice) picture of my bike for you today. Whaaaat? Pictures? For real? Yes. I've been borrowing my companion's camera since mine hates all the computers in this Family History Center. Or I just don't know how to work it... Whatever!

So yesterday we went to dinner at the house of some sweet people who live in the 10th ward. They have a granddaughter in Panama on a mission, and her birthday is this week. So they had us over since they couldn't have her! It was cute. We even got birthday presents! Bath and body works kind of birthday presents. I was so excited. I am obsessed with that store.

I guess I'm not used to all this sunshine because I am becoming Lord of the Freckles lately. Which reminds me, last night we were teaching a lesson and I started using a Lord of the Rings analogy and they had never read/watched it so that was lame.

I got to email chat with Mariah just a little bit ago so that was super fun. I've been using the phrase "For sure" way too much recently.

Things are really picking up in this area! Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are truly in the details of our lives. They hear our prayers, They know us personally and love us each. Our mission is doing a month long study on the Atonement. It's amazing to see how the Atonement can be applied in every lesson to every person. I know that Jesus Christ really is the Savior or the world. His arms and God's arms are wide open waiting to receive each of us if we're willing to come to them.

Love you! Have a happy week! :)

Sister Hinkle

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