Raining and pouring

Can I just start out with talking about how weird Utah weather is? It can be all 4 seasons in one day around here. Luckily I have my handy dandy waterproof windbreaker now! Woohoo! I got it right in time for the rainstorms we've been getting.

Yesterday was the best birthday present ever!!!! Nothing like skyping (trying to skype) your family!! Wahoo! Also, we've been getting a ton of ice cream recently. They're probably going to have to roll me off of the plane when I get home.

So let me tell you about Walmart on Mondays. You'd think there wouldn't be that many people there, right? Wrong. A lot of the time it's packed with people, and normally we see like 12 sets of other missionaries there. Utah missions are so weird.

Speaking of weird stuff! I have to talk about the Portuguese speaking Elders in my district! They wrecked their car and only had one bike for the HUUUUGE area, so they had to borrow one of our girl bikes!! Hahaha!! It was so funny watching that poor Elder ride away on my companion's bicycle!

Sister Snyder and I are seeing a lot of great things happen!! We are working really hard on getting 21 lessons a week, and I think we'll eventually get there. We also have someone on date for May 31st!!! Yaaaaaay!! He is an awesome kid and you can tell he really wants to follow Jesus Christ.

We've been teaching people about the Restoration of the gospel with jenga blocks recently, it's pretty fun. Especially when we're teaching little kids and we let them pull out the bottom "priesthood" block while we teach about the Great Apostasy. There is such a light inside little children, they are so innocent and so ready to learn.

It's sunny outside today! Hurray! I'll send pictures soon, sorry I haven't sent any in a long time!!!!

I love you all, have a happy week!

Sister Hinkle

Woo! We're old!

So my companion and I have birthdays 3 days apart, so one of the members (Sister Asay) got us a birthday cake and took pictures of us when we had dinner with her the other night. Yeah!

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