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We are seeing tons of miracles and being a missionary is becoming more rewarding every month. I love these people sooo much and when I get transferred out of Kearns I am going to be SO. SAD. There is nothing that makes me happier than someone yelling "HI SISTER HINKLE" or "HEY MISSIONARIES" as they drive by. NOTHING.
picture of my bff Jareth and me on scooters
picture of us with Marisa and her cool hair

We are teaching this totally awesome couple right now and it's crazy to see how prepared they are to receive the gospel. We are also teaching a foreign exchange student from China right now. It's pretty fun.

Uuuum. I'm trying to grow my hair long again. It's teaching me to be patient...and also teaching me to stop cutting my hair short all the time.

We had dinner with a family last week and they texted us the night before asking what we wanted. I asked for macaroni and cheese, that family thinks I'm crazy now.

OH. Speaking of crazy, and meals. Once we had nachos, but they were like Doritos with cheese and sour cream and ketchup on top and then we had a bunch of oreos and ice cream blended together for dessert. That was probably one of my favorite meals in the history of my life. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of them.

I got Mom and Katie's Valentine packages last Monday!!! Also a super cute card from the Williams family. Getting mail is literally the best.

I've been listening to Popcorn Bopping nonstop for a week now.

I'm sorry about all the snowy weather back home. That's gross. It's mostly just windy here. Like stupid windy. Especially if you're walking around in a skirt all day.

I have yet to get a bike. And now it's at the point where I can't avoid riding a bike because of snow and ice. If anyone has any good bike excuses, shoot them my way please.

UUUUUUM. Nothing else is really exciting. Oh, my birthday is in a couple of months. If anyone feels like sending the Lord of the Rings soundtracks my way, feel free.

Just kidding.

Half kidding.

Do what you want.

Sorry I'm super BORING this week. I'm alive and healthy and the Lord is blessing me with people to teach. I couldn't ask for anything more.


Sista H

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