West Jordan

So now that I'm over the shock of transfer week, everything is pretty much back to normal. OH, EXCEPT FOR HOW I HAVE TO RIDE A BIKE EVERYWHERE. I look so dumb. Mostly because I can't actually ride a bike, also because my skirt gets blown around.

Other than that I'm super happy. There is a surprisingly large amount of horses in this area. So that's neat. Sister Arthur is really funny. She's always singing and sometimes dancing while we're walking around. She keeps the days from being long. We're getting to know a lot more members, they are really excited to have Sister missionaries again.

We spoke in two sacrament meetings yesterday, and helped teach a primary lesson, too. This is an awesome stake! Super missionary minded, and that is quite a blessing. We are starting to teach!! Which is so nice, because that's what we love to do! We are currently teaching a young boy, and also a man and his 8 year old daughter. They will be getting baptized early April!!!! We're also teaching a couple of families of members who are less active. I am so happy that we have awesome ward mission leaders and bishops. They are great about helping us find people to teach.

So, I'm not sure if I mentioned this last week, but there's a canal behind our house that the Spanish speaking Elders told us about. If we go through our neighbours' back yard we can get to the canal and then jump over it to get to the 3rd ward instead of taking this super long road to get there. You know, like Indiana Jones...except way less intense and we only jump over the part that's like a foot wide.

One of the branches we cover is an assisted living facility. I love being there. There is such a sweet spirit there. We're not allowed to procelyte, but we're allowed to visit with the residents. It's great.

I think I had something super cool to tell you but I don't remember. I'm the worst, sorry, I know!

Sorry that this is so short and sorry my spelling is attrocious. I don't have spell check.
I promise that next week I'll actually have pictures to send you. Really.

I'm going to go buy some mascara and rainboots and stuff


Sister Hinkle

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