Happy Birthday to my Mom

Sooooooo usually when things worth writing about happen during the week I put them in this list that I bring with me when I come to write emails, but this week either nothing cool happened or I was just lazy and forgot to make a list...it's a little of both, actually.

Transfers are this week. That's not really exciting, I doubt I'll leave Kearns any time soon. Which is a super good thing because I don't want to get transferred out.

And daylight savings time. Who invented that anyway? I may or may not have been a little sassy during ward councils yesterday. Councils. That's right. Plural....My recent convert, Kennadee, made my day better though. She's 9 and we were sitting in sacrament meeting and about 10 minutes till it's over she leans over and in her loud whisper says "DO YOU EVER THINK SACRAMENT MEETING IS BORING SOMETIMES?" I almost lost it. After holding in a giant laugh for a little while, I told her it gets more interesting as you get older. Hahaha, I'm sure everyone in a 5 foot radius heard her.

We are having trouble finding people this week. BUT! That's okay. I know if we keep working our hardest, the Lord will help us find those who are ready to receive the gospel. We do have two people that we are teaching and they are SO much fun! We love them so much, and the Parkwood ward is making them feel so loved and is giving them such a warm welcome. There is nothing more that I could ask for than a great ward who's willing to fellowship people.

Happy birthday to Mom tomorrow!!!! It's tomorrow, right?..Just kidding, I know it is...Right? I was talking about how cute you were this morning and how much I love you. Just so ya know.

I have a goal to start playing piano again. FOR REAL THIS TIME. Sister Ricks is a sick nasty piano player and I feel lame, so now I want my skills back. So I'm actually going to practice. REALLY.

OH! One thing that happened this week, you might remember a picture last week of me and this little boy named Jareth. He's one of the funniest kids I know, and this week we were having a lesson at his house, and during a really serious, spiritual moment he bursts out "WHAT? I DID NOT KNOW I DREW A DONUT WITH EXTRA SPRINKLES?!" and shows us this picture of a donut with sprinkles.

I love my life.

Maybe not the parts where people ignore us or tell us to get lost or just turn around and walk away while we're talking to them, but the rest of it I absolutely love!

Anyways, sorry for a boring week, everyone! Like, really. I don't even have any cool pictures or anything. WORST EMAIL EVER.

Love you!

Sister Hinkle

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