I am so done with winter

So remember last week when I was all "blah blah blah nothing new has happened blah blah blah I love Kearns blah blah no pictures"?

Well guess what? This was an eventful week if I've ever lived one.

Monday night we got a call and found out that Tuesday there was a meeting for trainers. Guess who that call was for? SISTER HINKLE. THAT'S WHO. I went to the meeting Tuesday and found out I'd be training a brand spankin new, fresh from the MTC Sister. Assuming I would stay in Kearns, I was pretty alright with that. THEN, I get home from this meeting to find out thatwe got transfer calls while I was away and the Sister I just trained IS TAKING OVER MY AREA IN KEARNS, AND I WAS WHITE WASHING AN AREA IN WEST JORDAN. WHAT? UGH. I was SO. ANGRY. Then after crying for the rest of the day and taking lots of pictures of me with a bunch of people that I love, I got over it and picked up my brand new companion, Sister Arthur on Wednesday. She's from Australia, and everyone likes us a lot because we're the first Sisters to be in this area in like 4 years. The Elders that were here before us were even nice enough to leave us with two talks in different wards over the next couple weeks (joke). OH! I forgot to mention. I am over an entire stake. This is an incredible stake, though! Everyone wants to introduce us to their neighbors and we currently have 35 referrals to contact. My district leader was all "HOW did you two get that many referrals?" and I was all "we're Sisters" and that was a good enough answer for him. Hahaha!

I found out yesterday that I have reached the point on my mission where I've begun teaching lessons in my sleep. I literally thought people were making that up, but Sister Arthur told me she thought I had been talking to her during the night and when she listened closer I was actually teaching a lesson. Now I'm worried that I'm going to be one of those awkward return missionaries when I get home that don't know how to interact normally with people becasue I'm not used to real life and stuff. But whatever, I'm okay with being awkward I guess.

So since I'm over an entire stake (5 wards and 2 branches) am I constantly confused about who lives where and what time sacrament meetings and ward councils are. I am also being forced to bike everywhere, because let's be real here, it takes us FOREVERRRR to get anywhere. By the time we make it to one part of the stake it's time to turn around for an appointment in another ward. Just give us a couple of weeks and we'll be on top of it though. Some of the members are even nice enough to give us bikes! We'll probably get them today or tomorrow.

We woke up to snow on the ground this morning, and yesterday was wiiiindddyyyyy as anything.

In other news, our P day was moved to today because we're going to the temple today! Yahoo! I'm pretty excited.

This is a great area with a ton of potential. I am excited to be here and I love these people already. I am working as hard as I can.

I love you, be happy!

Sister Hinkle

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