Dumb Place To Put a Tree

So this email is going to be short this week, I'm sorry!! Last week I got letters from JP and Haley and the kids! I loved it! I did get my package in the mail, Mom. Thank you!

So I heard that you saw one of my best friends ever in Clarksburg last night?!! WHAT? NO BIG DEAL! That's so awesome!! He was excited to have met you!! I wish I could have a video recording of that moment! Hahaha.

This week makes up for the week before. It was really great and the work is moving forward!

As for how my life is hilarious, I walked into a tree branch the other night and my head was hit so hard that I actually fell backwards. I have a small cut on the top of my head, but it didn't cut the hat I was wearing. I don't even know how that happened. Sister Swain and I still laugh our butts off about it even now.

Today we're going over to the Berry's house to celebrate Hanukkah, because, you know. Why not? Thanksgiving was SO fun!!! We got to help decorate the tree! And we made and delivered cookies and notes to people in the wards we cover. Being a missionary is one of the greatest things ever.

I don't know if you all have heard of "The Power of Every Day Missionaries" by Clay Christensen, but if you haven't become aware. It's awesome (from what I hear at least, we can't read it) but the people in our wards are reading it and it teaches us how to be better member missionaries! That's something that's really getting worked on around here, and hopefully everywhere. HELP THE MISSIONARIES OUT. WE NEED THE MEMBERS' HELP. REALLY. It doesn't hurt! I promise!

The other night we were at a family's house and they have a bird that Dad made! They bought it at Tamarack a few years ago. We were all freaking out!!!

I accidentally left Jency's email at home. So can somebody send that to me? It's in the back of the journal that's on my bed. I miss that girl. Miss her bad!

Everything is going great in Kearns! Our zone is projecting 10 baptisms this month! How exciting!! I'm working with some of the funnest, sweetest people I've ever met.

I love you!

Sister Hinkle

MTC District!

Green meal from a few weeks ago! 
Putting up the tree on Thanksgiving! 

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