I'm freezing.

Love, Sister Hinkle

Just kidding. But really, it's so cold that the other day the family we were eating dinner with gave Sister Swain and I blankets to wrap up in while we were eating because they felt so bad for us, hahaha!

So Mondays our zone leaders deliver all of our mail from the week to us. And I got a care package from Brother Ed Henline and a cute card from Sister Sandy Williams! It was so nice!!! They are sooo so so so nice, and it was so funny to get two things from people in Buckhannon in the same week. It's so nice to know people were thinking of me!

Speaking of sending me things (don't worry) Christmas is coming up! So this is what I want (don't worry) as my present! I want pictures of my family! There's a little picture album sitting on my desk in my bedroom at home and it's empty because I didn't get a chance to fill it up while I was home. So if yall could snag some pictures all my brothers and sisters and their families and Mema and Heidi and Richard and anybody else you can think of and then put them in that album, that's alllll I want! :) Oh, and maybe my cats and Charlotte too. It'll be great to put faces with names when I talk about everybody!

Oh, speaking of people I love, last Monday we had dinner at the Berry's house! And Sister Berry surprised me with a green meal. Because, ya know, I'm a greenie. It was so funny! And she read green eggs and ham and we cracked up the whole time. I love that woman!

We've been raking a lot of leaves this week! It's fun to be able to do something outside (something that isn't walking, at least). I am becoming quite the raking pro.

I miss WV a lot, but I like Utah, the mountains here are GORGEOUS! Sister Swain is super fun to be with. The little girl who we're working with has been coming to Church AND activity day!!! Hurray!! Hopefully we can set a date for her to be baptized on soon! She had a date but her mom wanted to push it back, so we're going to try and set one this week for the beginning of next month.

Speaking of baptisms!!! President Chambers wants us to have a "white Christmas" this year, which means they want people getting baptized ON CHRISTMAS DAY! What better way to show Jesus Christ you love Him and want to follow Him than getting baptized on the celebration of His birth?! Hopefully we can find some investigators by then, though. I'm happy and I love it here, but the work is hard! I wanted a hard mission and boy did I get one. Hearts here are so hard, people have such twisted misconceptions of the LDS religion, which is super funny because, you know, we're everywhere.

 It's hard but it's what I'm here to do. I know there is SOMEONE out here waiting for me to help them. Someone in Kearns who is waiting for the gospel to be brought into their life. We just have to keep knocking and looking and working. No problem, though. I'm not worried.

There's a quote by my main man and favorite apostle Jeffrey R Holland, he said, "If for a while the harder you try, the harder it gets, take heart. So it has been with the best people who ever lived." And that's true. So I just have to keep on a workin.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Dad, remind Mom to get the cranberry sauce out of the outside fridge before dinner is over and give her a giant hug for me because I can't. Oh, and assign someone else threaten all of the kids with wedgies when they aren't being quiet since that's my job, haha.

I love you! Be happy!


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