Merry Christmas/ I chopped my hair off

Oh, and I think I spelled Emmanuel incorrectly last week. OOPS. Sorry 'bout that.

Also, don't worry. I had someone who actually went to beauty school cut my hair this time. And it's like a good haircut. So don't panic.

I'm glad that you've adopted Mariah during my absence! I hope you all had fun!

So I'm not going to be calling today, but I will call tomorrow. Who's house are you going to be at? I should be able to Skype around 2:30..which is 4:30 your time? Soooo...I'll just call Mom's phone around then and we'll work everything out. I totally forgot the Berry's Skype user name sooo.. I need to get better at planning things.

I don't have a lot to say. Things are going really well in the two wards I cover! Sister Swain and I are staying in Kearns Central Stake for this transfer. I love these hard working members who are so dedicated to helping the people around them come to the Savior. Missionaries NEED the members' help! The other night at dinner the man and his wife asked us what they could do to help US?! That never happens!! They said that they're willing to let us teach in their home and they're willing to come to lessons with us and help teach when we need someone. They give us referrals when they have them. They asked what they could do to help the ward out, asked if we knew anyone who needed friends. I couldn't believe it. Sister Swain and I left that house so proud of those people for their willingness to strengthen their ward. That family is such an example of how we can magnify our callings.

I love it here! I don't love the gross inversion that we have in the valley, but I love serving here despite the poor air quality. Haha

Merry Christmas! I love you. I hope you watch the Nightmare Before Christmas for me tonight! And eat a quiche for me tomorrow!

 Sister Hinkle

(Mariah will post photos later! Technical difficulties - Sorry!) 

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