Glory to God in the highest! Peace on Earth, good will to the men!

So last night was our stake Christmas choir fireside. Our stake has English and Spanish speaking wards in it, so there was all kinds of beautiful music in both languages! Our district was asked by President Sainz (him and his wife are some of my favorite people here, by the way) to sing for it. And we did! We sang Oh, Come Immanuel, or whatever the title is. We did really well! Everyone who performed did really well. It was a really great evening. At the end the congregation sang Far, Far Away on Judea's Plains. Man, I don't know why we don't sing that song all year round. It is sooo good.

Transfers happen this Wednesday. We find out tomorrow who's getting moved to where. I might stay here in Kearns or I could go to...you know..anywhere else in our mission.

So, Christmas is next Wednesday! Which means our P day is going to be moved to next Tuesday. AND I GET TO SKYPE YOU ON CHRISTMAS! I just don't know how that's going to work unless you can go to somebody's house who has Skype. I can just call you from a member's account. If Skype can't happen then I'll just call you on the phone. Either way I'm excited! I get a whole hour to talk!

I'm going shopping for some long skirts and sweaters today because I am DONE with wearing 2987 pairs of tights every day. I feel like a big old fatty with my 34872098 layers. Haha.

So I just want to tell you how much I love the Lord. Jesus Christ lives and He was chosen to be our Savior before the world was ever created. I know that when we start thanking Heavenly Father for the blessings we have, we can see His hands in the details of our lives. I know that Christ our brother DID come to this earth to Atone for our sins and to make it possible for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US to live with Him and God again. All are invited to partake of salvation. All are God's children. No person was sent to this earth to fail. They want each of us to return.

Remember the real reason we celebrate Christmas! To celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ into this world. The Only One who could save us. And He willingly came to this earth and suffered so He could know what each of us have gone through. Every hurt and every struggle. He knows you, and He knows how to help you. He loves you.

"It is better to have God approve than the world applaud."

I love you! I miss you. But I know I'm here for a reason. And I know that some of these people need me right now. I'll be home before you know it.

Love you,

Sister Hinkle

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