Howdy Hey

So I held two snakes this week and I am now officially a snake wrangler. One is a python named Bob, who they just found out is a girl. I think they should rename it Bobitha Girly the Girly (Olivia that was for you).

There are Christmas lights EVERYWHERE and I love it!!  Some are waaaaay more crazy than others. I'll have to send a picture of the one we call "the seizure house" that's lights are so crazy that you might be able to actually see them from West Virginia.

Did you all watch the Christmas Devotional last night?!! It was sooo goooooooooood. We were all AWWWWWWWW when the primary kids were singing "I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus".

I'm done with hot chocolate for probably the rest of my life. I've drank so much of it this past week that I'm sure that if I get cut I could bleed cocoa.

I'm drowning in snow like every day of my life. Sister Swain and I have a hilarious time trudging around every day. It's awesome, though, because everybody is out scraping their windshields or shoveling snow and we can walk up and introduce ourselves and offer our shoveling/windshield scraping services and then we can be all "oh by the way have you heard of the Book of Mormon?!" or something like that.

We're going to try and go sledding today or at least build a snow man or something because Sister Swain hasn't experienced winter with snow before. Woooooo!!!

I love you!!

Me drowning in snow!

Cute little Christmas tree! 

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