I have a baby niece!

So it was super exciting to see 42897309857 pictures from Dad this morning when I got on the computer. I yelled "I HAVE A NEW BABY NIECE!!!" And Sister Kahaialii went "awww" and the elders didn't say anything because they're elders and they don't care about babies. I can't wait to meet cute baby Nya!!

Last Monday our district went bowling, and I didn't lose! Miracle! We also went to a place called Zaxby's and they gave us all free food. Double miracle!

Also, I got my Christmas box from Katie last week, and inside were a variety of great things, but the greatest of all was WONDER WOMAN FOOTY PAJAMAS! WHAT? Cape and everything! I will not be sending any pictures of that, though. Sorry, everyone.

It's been pretty warm the past week, mostly in the 40s, no one expects the warm weather to last long, though. We've been running around everywhere, we're trying to make sure we're teaching people in every ward. It's a lot of walking/biking but it's definitely worth it. The gross inversion has been super thick for a few days. I'm probably going to turn green or something. Adventure!

The other night we were walking to someone's house and saw a bunch of kids playing outside. They saw us down the street and one of the them yelled "It's the sister missionaries!" and the whole lot of them ran over to us and showed us the snow fort they were building. Then when we were eating at a restaurant with some members and a little boy we'd never seen walked by and started waving and told us "hi sisters!" My heart=melted.
 Waaaah, I love kids and I love being a missionary and I love the gospel and I love Utah. I never want to go home. No offense.

I found out that there's an elder serving in Elkins right now that's coming home from his mission in a couple of days to one of the wards I'm covering right now, super cool! I'm excited to hear what he says about serving in WV among the hill people. Also, there's a woman we met recently who has a daughter that lives in Morgantown. I think she's got a calling in the young women organization or something. So that's pretty neat.

We started teaching a few people last week! They are all great and we're excited to help them come closer to our Savior. I love meeting so many of God's children, and helping them see that they have infinite worth.

Sandy is doing great! I love being a missionary. I love doing this work. I love these people and my companion and Salt Lake City and I never ever want to go home ever. It makes me more sad every time people ask me how long I've been out. Sister Kahaialii and I have been working hard and the only thing we can do is work even harder. No time to waste, every single minute counts.

I might have already talked about this, but a couple Sundays ago we were in Gospel Principles class in one of the wards. The brother who teaches it has a very strong testimony of the Church. He loves his calling and his lessons are wonderful. He is a convert to the church, and is extremely bold and totally fearless in sharing his testimony with people.This man is also a quadriplegic, and therefore very limited as far as physical abilities go. At the end of the lesson he was speaking to a young man in the class who was about to leave on his mission. He told him "go out and serve with everything you have, give absolutely everything, don't waste any of it. Remember that some of us who want to serve never get the opportunity to."

I'VE BEEN CRYING ABOUT THAT EVERY SINGLE DAY! Now I have even more determination to serve God with all my might, mind, and strength because now I'm serving in place of every person who wants to serve a mission, but never has the opportunity. This is the Lord's work, and it will not fail.

Love you! Be happy!

Sister Hinkle

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