Series of Unfortunate Events

So remember my last email when I was excited because I didn't ride my bike very much, resulting in no crashes?? Well I had two really fabulous bike wrecks last week to make up for the week before.

The first one happened Tuesday morning, we were biking down 2700 and I was a little too close to a fence and my handle got caught on one of the fence posts. DUMB. Then on Friday night we were heading up to the 7th branch activity. Sister Osa was in front of me and for TWO SECONDS I looked into the yard beside of us and when I looked back up she was far ahead and this mailbox was right in front of me. And my bike. And it was getting closer. I slammed into that thing sooo hard! The bike stayed there, the mailbox fell off of its post, and I hit the sidewalk...with my whole body. We thought my hand was broken for a little while, but it's normal size again, a little blue-and-purple-ish, but normal size. Maybe I should be a stuntman for a living. hahaha

Another exciting thing happened! One of our investigators, Justin, is on a business trip in Florida for the a few weeks. We are able to teach him via Skype. Woohoo! The blessing of technology! Our first Skype lesson was yesterday and it went really well!

So lately we've been hearing a lot about the group of women who want to hold the Priesthood. I wish they understood that protesting isn't going to change God's mind. Protesting isn't going to change doctrine. This is the Savior's Church, and He isn't going to take back the truths He taught because people don't like it. If we  pray and ask God, study the scriptures searching for answers, we will find out for ourselves that He does not conform to man's will, we are here on earth to learn to become like Them, and align our wills with that of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. That's really all there is to say about it. It's really upsetting to hear about these people getting so angry, but they need to exercise their faith.

In other news, the past couple days has been the Mountain View stake conference! President Chambers and Sister Chambers were there and spoke on missionary work. We have eighty-some stakes in out little tiny mission, and 218 missionaries. If members are included, it's more like 300,000 missionaries, though. We're all called to be missionaries! Yeah!
Share the gospel! 

Sister Chambers read the conversion story of an Elder who served in the SLCS mission. He was into a lot of bad stuff growing up and got kicked out as a teenager. On his own, it allowed him to get into even more bad stuff with his roommates. He had no interest in religion whatsoever, he was content with the way he was living. He ended up taking a class in college and met an Latter-day Saint friend who invited him to church one Sunday. She attended a Spanish ward,so he didn't understand it, but he felt the Spirit and he knew that it was where he needed to be. After that he attended and English ward and was eventually baptized. He ends with saying we can't decide who we should share the gospel with. Had that girl looked at him and said..."Mmmm, no. I don't think he'll be interested" he never would have had the opportunity. The Savior invited everyone, no matter what they had done in the past, no matter who they were. We should invite everyone too. We don't know who's waiting for us to reach out to them.

So, that's my happiny happs for the week. A big giant wad of opinions and stories and bike crashes, but that's my life and it's all I have to write about.

I actually have pictures this week! Don't worry, they're not of my injuries. 

Love you! Jesus loves us, ALL of us!

Sister Hinkle

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