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Do you like how I always say I'm going to send pictures and I never do? Lame! I know. 

So this week was pretty great! No wrecks! Mostly because I refused to ride my bike until Saturday. The 4th of July was really fun! We hopped from barbeque to barbeque and at night EVERYONE lit fireworks. We sat in our driveway with Sister Curtis and watched them. Here in Utah the 24th is a big deal, too. So there are  fireworks every night until then. I've heard that Pioneer Day here is waaay bigger than the 4th, so I'm pretty excited to see what all happens that night.

Yesterday we sang "America the Beautiful" like 4 times in sacrament meeting and I am so done with it. We also got to help teach the lesson in Young Women in the 1st ward. Woo, party, yeah! We also saw a little girl there named Lacie who's 9 that's getting baptized at the end of July with her little sister. I've been teaching her since May, and when we saw her yesterday she pointed at us and said to her primary class, "These are my missionaries!" and it melted my dang heart. 

So the people I've been teaching in this area weren't really progressing for a long time. There have been a lot of setbacks, things like not being able to make it to sacrament meetings, only being able to do a lesson once a week, parents not being supportive, yadda yadda. We have a lot of people we're teaching but they just weren't getting anywhere. But this past week things started moving with a few of them, and it was incredible to see the way the Lord can work miracles in their lives if they exercise a little bit of faith.

 I love these people so much. I know that I always say that and I never really go into detail about who they are or anything, but I can't believe how special each of these people are to me. There is nothing that I want more than for them to have the guidance of the Spirit, and to be able to have the blessings that come from entering into the waters of baptism. There is one woman who I feel especially close to, she is really struggling under the pressure of the world right now. She's been through a lot of hard things. The other day we were at her home and she and I talked about how we just feel really close and we knew we were supposed to meet each other. I know she's one of those people I was supposed to find here. I know we were meant to be friends. 

Other people we've been teaching have become a lot more open, and have started keeping the commitments we leave with them. Lately, I've been able to talk about the Atonement in every visit we've had. The Atonement applies to everyone, and every situation.Healing, repentance, comfort, life after death, why we are here on earth, forgiveness, all of that. As missionaries we need to continually exercise our faith in Heavenly Father and in Jesus Christ. As members we need to do the same. As we do that, and trust that They will help us in this great work, we will accomplish great things.

In other news, it's like 89752978 degrees here every day of my life. But that's okay because it's windy and that keeps us from melting into the pavement.

I don't really have much else to say, at least not that I can remember. There is a man here in the family history center at the stake center that's putting in new computers so hurray for that! That means I won't have to use one that's equivalent to the size of my bicycle. 

That's all I got! Keep my in your prayers. I love you people!

Sister Hinkle

PS Tell Mema I said happy birthday and I'm sending her a card in the mail soon.

PPS Tell everyone in our ward I said "what up" except you can make it less cool and  just tell them I say "hi" or whatever

PPPS can somebody PLEASE give me Jency's email address??!!?!?!! and Chris's too? thanks!!!

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