Every dog hates me and I spelled Kearns wrong.

So this week was CRAZY. Where do I start? We had a zone conference and and Elder and my companion and I sang I Know That My Redeemer Lives, and we each had SOLOS and I was scared out of my mind! But apparently we did well, because one of the men in our stake presidency heard about it and asked us to sing at the Christmas Fireside in a few weeks! I'm super excited! I also had to give a talk yesterday. It was written Sunday morning and let me tell ya, it was the Spirit who wrote it, NOT ME. I did a looot of praying while writing it.

So Kearns has got the Olympic Oval right in the middle of it, and we walk by it every day. It's where they do ice skating stuff? Like speed skating and hockey? I don't know a lot about it. But it's super cool looking! I'll send a picture of it in another email. Oh! Speaking of pictures, I realized that no one at home has seen me with my super cool name tag on! I took one to show you all! It's blurry, but whatever I don't have time to take good pictures, haha.

So the SECOND that Sister Swain and I step onto a street every dog knows it and goes absolutely NUTS. It's horrifying to think that less than a centimeter of fence is between us and the jaws of everlasting death. We're going to start a tally of how many dogs try to attack us on a daily basis.

Oh, have I mentioned how fat Utah is making me? Pretty darn fat. Yesterday, for instance, we woke up to our landlord leaving us muffins, got candy at Church, got invited to a farewell with lots of refreshments, our landlord gave us soup and monkey bread when we got home, and we visited a couple of ladies yesterday and left WITH AN ENTIRE PIE. WHAT? YES. AN ENTIRE PIE FOR THE TWO OF US. Not that we didn't totally attack that thing, though. I have a picture of that, too. It is absolutely demolished. Anyways, it's a good thing we don't have a car because I'd be rooounnddd if we didn't walk so much.

It's getting really cold here. Like. So cold. So today we're going to invest in multiple pairs of tights, leggings, other various warm things. Hand warmers and toe warmers (thank you so much Megan) are life savers. LIFE SAVERS, I SAY!

Okay, so back to being a missionary, we're going to start knocking doors this week. I'm excited! Knocking doors is exciting because sometimes they're like "Come on in Sisters!" and other times they're like "We're Catholic,sorry" actually, it's usually "We're Catholic, sorry". Why is everybody Catholic here?!! I'm getting better at door approaches and talking to people on the street. I love sharing the gospel! One of our investigators came to Church yesterday! Her name is Kennadee and she is the cutest little girl! She loved it and I am so excited that she had a good time! We're hoping to have three baptisms in the next couple of weeks, we had to push some dates back because of lack of Church attendance, hopefully they'll come this week! I'm in a very small area but there is a TON of work to do here! I love it! I love serving the Lord! I love my companion and how much fun she is, I love the people in Kearns. I just love everything. Maybe not getting barked at by dogs, but other than that I love everything! Haha

One of my favorite people here is a woman named Sister Berry! We stop by her house at least every other day. We call it our candy stop because we get a drink of water and she lets us pick candy from her kids Halloween bags!! Hahaha, she is so full of love and such an example of who I need to be! Her and her husband are people who are FILLED with charity! They are constantly serving others and are always working on being friends to everyone around them.

I'm safe, I'm happy, I'm fat.


Sister Hinkle

Awesome pie

Awesome nametag


Olympic Oval

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