Weeky McWeekerson


So it's been a fabulous week! Zone conference Tuesday went super well!
I gave my departing testimony. The only bad part is that I was getting
over a cold and crying at the same time and I coughed this really ugly
cough that was really high pitched in the middle of bearing my
testimony. It was so dumb. But other than that Sister Meyers said it
wasn't so bad. Uuuuuuugh.

What else? Oh. President and Sister Chambers came out with us for a
couple of hours Thursday night, it was terrifying and wonderful all at
the same time! Just kidding. They are some of the most loving people
I've ever met and it was a huge blessing to have them be part of the
lessons we were teaching that night.

Everyone around here seems to be getting baby chickens.

Our stake had stake conference this weekend. There are 88 missionaries
serving from this stake. Crazy! I wonder how many are out from ours.

Well, I think our district is going hiking today so I'm going to run
and get ready.

Love you bunches! Pray for missionary opportunities and then
courageously take them! Be like Paul! And Ammon! And all those other
awesome missionaries! When you love people, sharing the gospel with
them is a lot less scary.

Sister Hinkle

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