Sojo for life

This week we had some meetings and stuff. Sister Meyers and I spoke
yesterday in third ward...we live with the bishop of that ward so we
weren't too surprised when he asked us, haha.

Our awesome investigator Tom is getting baptized! We set a date for a
couple weeks out. Sad that I won't be here for it, but I'm so excited
for his family!

No freak snow storms but lots and lots of rain last week.

Saturday we met the Samoan elders at the stake center to get our keys
to the building and it turns out there was a Hindu celebration
happening there that night! So Sister Meyers went that evening to
check it out and see if there was anyone to teach, it was super cool!!
The next day we ate with a family from India and the husband was a
mission president there a few years back and we were able to teach
some of their family friends about the Restoration. It's not every
weekend we get to eat Indian food twice, so we feel pretty lucky.

Also, we ate dinner with one of our former investigators and he made
elk. I ate elk. Weird.

I'm really sad that I have to go home next week, but I'm excited too.
I never thought I'd love Utah so much!

Well, Sister Meyers and I have to go do preparation day things now.
Love you all!

Sister Hinkle

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