I'm wearing a skirt with chikens on it.

SO, the news we've all been waiting for! *drum roll*

Okay, maybe just I'm the one who's been curious to find out.

I am dying in the South Jordan Highland stake, and Sister Meyers is the one to kill me.

Double blessings! Because I love this stake and I love my companion.

Our investigators are doing AMAZING!!!

One of the great people we're teaching has been really afraid to tell her husband that she's meeting with missionaries because he hates the Church. After a lot of prayer she took a step of faith and talked to him about it, and guess what?! His heart has been softened and he's totally fine with it!!! AAAAAAAAAAH YEEEEEEESSSS!!! We are so happy for her! She came to the women's broadcast on Saturday night and she looked so happy! She totally loved it! She's so awesome. The other day we went over for a lesson and she was trying to find Meet the Mormons and accidentally came across a video that makes us look like a freaky cult. When we got there she was looking for and said, "I don't think this is the movie I'm looking for" and showed us the first couple of minutes. Man were we glad we got there in time to let her know that nope, that was definitely not the movie she was looking for. The video didn't phase her at all. She is one of those people who easily recognizes truth and when she does she follows it, she also easily recognizes when things aren't true and stays away from it.

Another couple that we're teaching hasn't been to church in years and tons of people said they'd never be interested in having missionaries over. They are some of the sweetest people I've ever met, the sisters started teaching them right before I got here, and yesterday was the first time they stayed for all the classes at church and didn't leave after sacrament meeting.

Another person that we're teaching is getting married on Saturday!!! Sister Meyer and I might be able to go for the ceremony! We're super excited for them.

Our hearts are so full right now! We love all of these people so much. We want them to have every blessing that Heavenly Father wants to give them.

It's true that as missionaries we go through a lot of hard times, but the good times make up for all of it. It's been such a blessing to be the Lord's hands and to find people that are so ready to include God in their lives.

I love you!
I'm never going home!

Sister Hinkle

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