This has been the most fun, exciting, crazy weeks of my entire mission!

After district meeting on Tuesday we went on exchanges with the River
stake sisters! I got to go back to my old area and work again for 24
hours. It was such a blast! I was with Sister Fameitau from Auckland,
New Zealand. I am so happy with all the work she's continued to do
there. People that I taught months ago are progressing, people that
were baptized last summer are active in the church, people who weren't
interested before and interested now, I am so grateful that Heavenly
Father put her and Sister Rice in that area and for the love they have
for the people who live there!

At the end of exchanges I had to run to Sandy for a meeting I didn't
know about (once again because I never read the announcements on
Mondays...oops) and when I got back to SoJo we got a call from one of
the assistants to the president informing us that we were inheriting a
new companion AND her stake that Friday. So we packed up our room so
we could move everything quickly on the 24th since our landlords and
us have to be out the 25th, and packed clothes and food for the rest
of the week because Friday morning we moved to West Jordan.

Sister Meyers and I didn't mind though because we were SUPER excited.
Sister Meyers was excited because our third companion is her MTC
companion and they were together in Sandy during the summer. I was
excited because our second stake is the MOUNTAIN VIEW STAKE!!! It's my
favorite area of my entire mission and I was so heartbroken when I was
transferred out. I also get to live with Brother and Sister Curtis,
who have been my favorite landlords, so that's a huge bonus. I've been
able to see how the work has gone since I've left and been able to
meet a few new people the sisters have been teaching. It's so great!!
We're only here till Wednesday (transfers) though. Also,usually Sister
Mayall finds splits so we're mostly in the Highland stake working and
then we meet up again when she can't find a split. We've all been
teaching like CRAZY since Friday too! Which is a really good thing. No
complaints here!

Tomorrow we move our stuff to the Newman family's house.They're so
great! Bishop Newman is one of the bishops in the stake and he's
really funny. We're excited to move in with them! We are going to get
call about transfers on Tuesday, too. We think Sister Meyers is
getting the boot and I'll probably get a new sister to train on how to
be a sister training leader. OR they're going to make the Country
Crossing stake the stl area again and call two new ones for SoJo.
Lately people have been getting transferred their last six weeks
though, so who knows. Maybe I'll get the boot and go to  Bluffdale or
Draper or something. I think it would be fun to keep Sister Meyers as
my last companion though.

Nothing else new except we had a lesson at temple square Saturday
night and it went GREAT!

Love you! Be happy!

Sister Hinkle

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