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Firstly, sorry about not letting you know our preparation days were switched. I didn't find out until after I was done emailing last week...mostly because I never read the announcements when I get them and just wait for someone to tell me later in the week...I should probably stop doing that. But we get to go to the temple today! Woohoo!

ANYWAY! Last week was an entire week of iPads iPads iPads. And now we have them! Tuesday was a giant meeting where two members of the 70 came and talked to us, Wednesday we had to read two handbooks on using them, Thursday we had our zone training meeting and went over the mission training plan with our zone, and Friday we got them!!! Unfortunately, I was so excited that when we were setting them up I accidentally typed in "elizabeth.hinkle@myldsmail.COM" instead of "elizabeth.hinkle@myldsmail.NET"....


The poor zone leaders spent a good 40 minutes trying to fix it for me. In the end we're not actually sure what worked,but after a lot of searching through settings and clicking random buttons we got the right email and password and everything set where they need to be. We have the coolest interactive pamphlets on these things! We've been teaching like crazy the past couple of days and they're a great tool to help in our lessons. :)

This past weekend was weird. Actually this past week was weird. Monday our district went bowling and there was a TON of elderly people there competing. But that's not the weird part, the weird part is THAT I WON THE FIRST GAME. OH, YEAH! ME. THAT'S RIGHT! How it happened? I have no idea. Will it ever happen again? Probably not. But for one glorious game, I was the champion.

 After our giant mission-wide meeting on Tuesday morning we walked outside of the mission office to find a ton of snow that just showed up. It turned out to be a massive snowball fight in the mission office parking lot. It didn't last very long because firstly,we had to get back to our areas and save souls, and secondly because snow ball fights are actually really cold and not fun, just in case you didn't know that already.

Our landlords decided to put their house up for sale this past week just to see what would happen. Thursday during out ztm we kept getting texts about different showings going on at our house. It sold that day, which, by the way, was the very first day it went up for sale.They decided to accept the offer and now we're HOMELESS. Well, not really, the high councilman over missionary work and stake president are looking at different places where we can stay and we still have about 2 weeks till we're officially kicked out anyway.

Friday was my dumb thing where I broke my iPad for a while

Then our weekend happened. During it, we
-met someone that is in the band "The Lower Lights" (they play folk church music) and got free CDs
-did a bunch of service
- got invited to ride with the Redford family to get ice cream in their limo
-jumped on a trampoline 
-found out that one of my favorite families from the  River stake (Miesenbachers) and friends with our ward mission leader's family (Watkos) and got to see them
-wrote a song titled "My Creepy Elk Head" to the tune of "My Little Pony" about an elk head that we saw in a family's living room
-used iPads
-got into lots of doors
-ate pizza 4 times
-accidentally broke our microwave
-found out we have a mutual love for cob houses

I can't think of anything else, but that's a good amount.

The work is still amazing over here! Miracles happen every day. I love this stake, and I love these people. I know that God and Jesus Christ are aware of us and our needs and He knows how to help us. I get to see His hands in people's lives every single day.

A big huge giant miracle that happened recently was when a cute sister texted us asking us to come teach her husband about the Plan of Salvation. We've been trying to get a hold of them for weeks and haven't had any response or answers at the door. On Sunday we fasted for help to find someone that's ready to be baptized in March, and BOOM we walk outside of someone's house and see her text. Our lesson is tonight!!! We are so excited to help him gain a testimony that life really does go on after we leave this earth!

Being able to serve a mission for the Lord is such a huge blessing. I can't imagine what my life would be like had I never come here and met all of these wonderful people. I can't imagine what kind of person I would be without having the restored gospel in my life. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that He is our Savior and I know His church is on the earth today.

I love you! Choose happiness!

Sister Hinkle

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