General Conference weekend

This week was pretty normal, we are continuing the work here in the Mountain View Stake. Lots of wonderful people!

As you all know, last Tuesday was April Fools day. It is a lot more celebrated around here than it is back at home. All kinds of trickery going on in this stake. Salt cookies, fake presents, practical jokes. It was pretty fun. We also had interviews with President Chambers that day. He's such a great mission president!! He knows just how to lead this mission, and help us be successful missionaries.

We have a baptism this Saturday!!! We are so excited for our investigator Alex!!

Speaking of leading, General Conference was this weekend!!!! We listened to the important guidance of the prophet, President Monson and the Apostles and other general authorities! I didn't get to go up to Temple Square, but at some point on my mission I will. We stayed here and watched it with our landlords, and Sunday afternoon we watched it with the Afitu family in 2nd ward. This year's conference was so great!! 

Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ KNOW us and LOVE us. They are always beside of us to give support. They will give us the strength and help we need in every situation. No matter what our trials are or what weaknesses we have, They will not let us fail. We need to be like Jesus Christ in every situation. We need to come to Them and ask for Their help. With the short time we have here on earth, we need to do our best.Truly try to love the people around you just like Jesus Christ loves them. Never stop praying. Our Father in Heaven DOES hear you. Don't waste time or effort on the things in this world that don't matter. Work for the things that do matter. Through obedience to the commandments, we can have true joy in this life, and eternal happiness with our Heavenly Father and with Jesus Christ in the next life. I know that the Book of Mormon and the Bible are both the word of God. I know that they testify of Jesus Christ. They teach us the things we need to do while we are here on earth.

I love you!!!! Have a great week! Always remember who you are!

Sister Hinkle

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