Christmas all over the place

Last week was fun, on Monday we had a zone Christmas party. We were going to play volleyball, and then realized that no one had brought a volleyball. So we sat around and watched the Elders play knockout while we ate pie. Then Tuesday was out Christmas devotional at the mission office. It was great! South Jordan zone as there, so I got to see Sisters Aldridge, Snyder, Malufau, Ricks, and Cook. Yeah! I miss them so much. Wednesday the zone leaders played Santa and dropped everyone's mail off so we could get anything that hadn't arrived Monday.

THEN, Thursday happened.

So everyone was praying for a white Christmas, and guess what?! Prayers work! It's been snowing since before we woke up on Thursday, which was exciting for the first 15 minutes, and then I slipped back into my normal Christmas-time "I hate snow, I hate cold, I hate wind, I hate walking everywhere" mood. I'll get over it...in July....maybe.

Just kidding (half kidding), Christmas was wonderful! Even though we're both new in the area we were welcomed into lots of homes and got to share messages about Christ's birth. It was probably the best Christmas I've ever had. You always hear people talking about how Jesus is the reason for the season, and it's always nice to talk about the Nativity, but it wasn't until I was out here actually doing what Jesus Christ did when He was here on earth that I really appreciated the holiday. It's not a day to focus on ourselves, it's a day dedicated to celebrating the Gift, Jesus Christ.

ANYWAYS, nothing new over here in Sandy. Sister K and I are continuing to try and meet everybody. Our cute investigator Cailee is getting baptized on January 20th!  We are super excited for her and her family. They are some of the kindest people I've met on my mission, just full of love for everybody.

We are keeping track of days we've gone without slipping on ice, I'm pretty sure it won't last long since Sister Kahaialii is from Hawaii, and slipping on ice is one of my many talents.

We're trying to teach ourselves the violin. Sister K is progressing super well. I....still need to work on it....a lot. We've also made it a goal not to eat any candy this week. Since we've gotten about 60+ pounds of candy in the past week, it might be an unreachable goal, though.

Hope everybody's Christmas was extra merry!! Read the January Ensign, there is some good stuff in there! Also, scriptures. Read your scriptures, those are even better than the Ensign.

Love you,

 Sister Hinkle

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